Social Analytics M&A – The Hunt is On










Creative Commons by Orin Zebest

The past year since the previous summer has been a very interesting one for business and Marketers in that there has been some significant acquisitions of social media measurement companies.  What does this mean for Marketers?

It means alot.  Many Marketing campaign are being designed and executed within and for short time windows, and they need to be able to measure results in real-time.  The recent innovations of these social analytics firms are critical components that firms will depend on more and more in the future.  Leading the pack are Webtrends, with their acquisition of Reinvigorate and Transpond; Twitter, with the purchase of BackType; Google‘s gobbling up of PostRank, Buddy Media‘s scooping of Spinback, and‘s very publicized buying of Radian6.

These acquisitions will no doubt be followed by more throughout the rest of the year and 2012.   The impact upon Marketers is big – these types of tools are here to stay, and Marketers who want to continue to advance in their careers will have to master using these tools and analyzing the data they gather.  They must become, as Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec) says, “Marketing Technologists” who can configure applications, crunch numbers, test, tweak, and act quickly.  If you haven’t seen these tools in use before, attend a webinar or get a demo of one.  After all, there are conversations going on regarding your industry, your company, and your product that you need to know about, and these tools will help you better understand those conversations.

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