5 Signs Zombies Are In Your Marketing Department

5 Signs Zombies Are In Your Marketing Department
Creative Commons by Abode of Chaos

With Halloween right around corner and before the zombies break down our doors, we wanted to get this urgent message out to all our Marketing comrades. There are already zombies among us and there’s not much time left before the full-blown zombie apocalypse.  Here’s how to tell if they’ve already infiltrated your Marketing and Sales organization…

1.  They insist on wearing the same ripped, stained “hip” clothing every day.

2.  You get a glossy, empty stare when you talk to them about revenue.

3.  When you ask them about the latest campaign numbers, they mumble and groan incessantly.

4.  They don’t pay attention to sales people (zombies are attracted to brains).

5.  But you realize they’re actually not repeating, “brains… brains…” – they’re really saying “branding… branding…” instead of “qualified leads… qualifed leads…”

Happy Halloween!

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