Obama Has a Bigger Data Than Romney

"Data Represented in an Interactive 3-D Form" Creative Commons by Idaho National Laboratory


Allinio mainly focuses on B2B Marketing challenges for its clients, but every once in a while we do enjoy some B2C projects.  Four years ago we commented on one of the most interesting types of B2C there is – politics, albeit from a purely marketing perspective.  We said that Barack Obama was the first “Network-Centric President‘ for his campaign’s ability to successfully leverage social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  Now we have another title for him…

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Scott Brinker, Chief Marketing Technologist, Strikes Again!

We’ve always admired Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec) and his Chief Marketing Technologist blog.  He’s had great posts and good illustrations to the point he’s been preaching about for years (which we agree with wholeheartedly):  Marketing professionals stop sitting on their “branding” and “event planning” wreaths and become serious users of technology in order to better gather, store, analyze, share, and act upon data that affects revenue.  His latest post is an update of what amounts to be the “universe” of web-based, marketing related technologies available to most organizations.

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“Will Big IT Swallow Up Marketing Automation?”

Creative Commons by wwarby


That’s the title of Johnny Mone‘s (@johnnymone) brief but thoughtful article in Business 2 Community late last week.  He brings up some valid observations given the major shifts in the IT world, including leadership moves by Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Intuit, Dell (which we covered in our last blog) regarding Marketing Automation. [Read more…]

Do Not Resuscitate Do Not Track, Part IV

From the left: Chris Wolf and Marcy Wilder of Hogan Lovells; Maneesha Mithal of the FTC; Stuart K. Pratt of the CDIA, Justin Brookman of the CDT; and Jane Horvath of Google. (not pictured: Hooman Radfar of Clearspring and Robert Quinn of AT&T)

It’s been over two years since we blogged about “Do Not Track” regulations, and the pendulum has been swinging in favor of those who want to impose Do Not Track laws upon businesses.  Earlier this week, we attended an event in Washington, DC regarding data and privacy, organized by Biznow.

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How Can Marketing Automation Learn From DoD?

C4ISR Applications

US Navy

The efficient gathering, storing, analyzing, sharing, and acting upon data must be precise in the United States Navy; it is increasingly so within any enterprise, large or small,  that wants to survive 21st Century, globalized business.

This is the third in a series of excerpts from Allinio’s white paper Net-Centric Marketing & Information Superiority.

3. Applying C4ISR to Marketing

Commerce, of course, should not be considered as an activity with the same intensity and stakes as warfare, but nevertheless there is value in taking concepts from this most extreme form of conflict; and rightly so, because Net-Centric Marketing extends well beyond having broadband, a robust web analytics application and slick online campaigns.    Information superiority will matter more in the next phase of globalized business. [Read more…]