Dear Ol’ GoDaddy

Dear Ol’ GoDaddy

Real quick –

The Marketing Consigliere  had a domain name issue and had a terrific GoDaddy service rep.  A few minutes later he got a survey from them and loved the look of it.  Instead of showing numbers on a continuum for the potential answers, they use “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” at each end of the range.

Dear Ol’ GoDaddy

This is great B2C brand management in that it creates a user experience that is very simple and encouraging, and therefore delivers on its promise.  And The Marketing Consigliere says THANK YOU, GoDaddy, for asking whether or not he agreed that “The customer service representative was clear and easy to understand.”  On a side note, the Marketing Consiglere’s Roman ancestors (he’s not purebred Sicilian) would be happy to know their gestures are still applicable today.

Obviously surveys help with business intelligence, data mining, and are part of the net-centric marketing world.  Does anyone know what survey platform they use?  Or is it home-grown?

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