Conducting his Monday morning ritual of reviewing “Network Updates” from the weekend for my Linkedin connections, The Marketing Consigliere noticed the “Answers” section posted a question in the topic “Internet Marketing, Enterprise Software” reading “Has anyone tried OpenEMM? What is your experience?

He thought, “Marrone! an Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) platform I haven’t heard of!  How embarassing for a supposedly thought leader/technology marketing consultant!  Will this be a fly in the ointment for the likes of UnicaAprimoOracleSAP, et.al.?”  Will an open source EMM platform allow more organizations and even SMBs entry into the EMM Club?

Maybe he was just dreaming and needed to wake up and have more coffee. Well, he did and my morning drowsiness that turned into excited panic quickly subsided.

OpenEMM is an open source based E-mail Marketing Management tool. Just E-Mail, Ma’am. And from the looks of it, we already have a selection of economical, robust, sufficent email marketing management tools such as ExactTargetCheetahMail, or ConstantContact. He can’t say he was impressed with OpenEMM’s feature set; nothing out of the ordinary popped out at him.  Addtionally, If you read the product roadmap on their website, you can’t see much happening, although they claim a plug-in for SugarCRM is “under development”

Not what he was hoping it would be, but maybe he will be surprised in the future…

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