Getting The Military to Be More Data Driven

Getting The Military to Be More Data Driven

Today a brief but interesting report on Fox News called “US Military Teams Up with Silicon Valley to Revolutionize the Battlefield” is a great example of a military organization trying to find better ways to gather, store, analyze, share and act upon data.

The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUX), which is “non-dilutive” venture arm of the Department of Defense, fosters collaboration between the Armed Forces with tech companies in order to obtain tools to more effectively and efficiently execute missions.

The end of the article reveals the most important point – these technologies will help “to quickly answer that warfighter question: “To engage or not to engage?”

We in the private sector are using CRM and Marketing Automation and a variety of other digital tools to answer that question.  In business and sales, timing is everything.  What is you firm doing to make sure your salespeople are engaging at the right time?

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