Marketing Automation Professionals of the World, Unite!

Marketing Automation Professionals of the World, Unite!

Know anyone else pulling their hair out over their Marketing Automation platform?  Are your pupils dialating and your heart stopping  over the thought of the mountain of content that you have to create?    Well, here on the East Coast we’re trying to do something about it…

Now there are several of other national organizations that are fantastic professional development resources for the Marketing Automation user.  The first is the Online Marketing Institute, which has been around a few years and broadly addresses online marketing.   The second is MOCCA, which is a growing membership organization for the broader discipline of Marketing Operations.  The third is the Marketing Automation Institute, which is run by Marketing Automation luminary Carlos Hidalgo (@cahidalgo) and has a comprehensive certification program that will help your career.

However, regardless of these great organizations, we felt that it was necessary to institute a local meeting for Marketing Automation professionals to encourage dialog and support and will be starting a free series of monthly meetings for Marketers to gather.  Since the Baltimore/Washington DC market has one of the highest penetrations of Marketing Automation purchases by business in the United States, Allinio thought it would be good to faciliate meetings between Marketing practitioners who already have these platforms but need to network with peers on their usage.  Therefore as a prototype for these meetings, we have instituted the Marketing Automation Professionals Roundtable, to commence in March.

This meeting is open to any Marketing professional in the Mid-Atlantic region (we have expansion plans for other cities) whose enterprise already has a Marketing Automation platform, regardless of vendor.    It is not meant to be a forum where anyone tries to convince you to buy a Marketing Automation  platform; you already should have traversed over that learning curve; now comes the real one!  This will also be a vendor-free environment, and Allinio will not be “pushing” its Marketing Automation consulting services at these events.  We are thankful to PSA Financial Services for providing the meeting space.

Depending on how it goes, we will hopefully be facilitating these meetings after the spring and encourage you to spread the word to people you know who could benefit from these meetings.  We hope to see you there!

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