The CIO’s Quickie Guide to Marketing Automation

Joseph Zuccaro, Allinio’s President, explains marketing automation  in this presentation to CIOs, CTOs, and IT Directors in lighthearted terms that will help them understand how they can help Marketing and Sales make the transformation to a Marketing Automation platform, which inevitably will take less IT resources as Marketers learn how to operate it.  These new platforms are critical in helping organizations stay competitive by more efficiently gathering leads and leveraging engagement with them in an automated fashion until it is time to involve a more expensive salesperson.  Like any other information platform, IT should be there to support but luckily does not have to focus too much since the automation part of Marketing Automation relieves them of time consuming things they have done in the past for Marketing and Sales.

Download Allinio’s Presentation: The CIO’s Quickie Guide to Marketing Automation

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