Smart Homes

With its deep subject matter expertise on smart home technologies, Allinio’s goal is to offer customers the latest products available in Home Entertainment, Home Communications and Home Comfort and ultimately Home Efficiency, along with the services necessary to implement these platforms in your homes in an affordable way.

We specialize in educating, designing and integrating. We will teach you about all of the available options based on your needs, then we will design a custom control system that fits your lifestyles, and we will integrate the system into your home.

Our job is to work with you, a homeowner, to help create innovative, yet economical solutions to enhance your lifestyle. We design control systems that will integrate your home’s lighting, audio system, HVAC, home theater, security system, and more.

Our design will also allow you to view and operate your home through any Internet connection in the world. We’ll work with your renovator, architect, interior designer or realtor to better manage your project at every level.
From our initial meeting, through installation to training you and your family to be experts with your completed system before we leave your home, Allinio will guide you through the many decisions related to your home control system. Consider Allinio your trusted advisor to building a seamless home control system. We take pride in educating every client about all of the options available to them so that we can successfully deliver exactly the system your family can benefit from.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life through the convergence of consumer electronics; convenience from home automation controls; improved safety and security through intelligent systems; and better communications from integration of new digital media. We believe that the best way to view the future of the “Internet of Things” is to create it!