A Thanksgiving Wish

A Thanksgiving Wish
Creative Commons by Schlüsselbein2007, Flickr.com

In the Year of Our Lord Sixteen Hundred Twenty One, a humble group of English and Native Americans gave thanks for surviving the elements of the New World and for the bounty of the land. It was a simple gathering – no parades, no football, no flyers advertising extended store hours and sales. Most of us probably can’t begin to imagine what it was really like.

What was to evolve in this continent within two hundred years were amazing concepts of individual freedoms that we currently enjoy. The United States of America remains an amazing land, made up of people from all over the world, who come to pursue dreams of a better life. As Marketers, we should be grateful that we have the ability to use our creative power and minds to compete and build a better world.

The Marketing Consigliere would like to wish all of his fellow professionals Marketers a Happy Thanksgiving.

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