FOSE Fizzle?

FOSE Fizzle?

This year’s FOSE will probably be as good as ever, although last year there was much ambivalence in the Federal contracting crowd.  But with with one day to go before the show, the Marketing Consigliere was a bit surprised at this year.  Was it because of what was blogged last year?  Well, in his blog he mentioned some companies, two of which exhibiting again- Turning Technologies, LLC, and Physical Optics CorporationHowever, Vovici will not be represented in the exhibit hall – but that is not what surprised the Marketing Consigliere.

What surprised him is that he did not get deluged with direct mail inviting him to booth number “X” to see a nifty new widget.  While not getting junk mail is a pleasure, not receiving direct mail for specific trade shows that one has registered is very noticeable.

Is this due to economy driven budget cuts – was FOSE charging too much to contact the registrant list?  Or was this a voluntarily imposed omission to appear frugal before procurement professionals and program managers at Federal agencies?  It would be interesting to know if anyone else has this perception.

While he is glad he is not getting deluged with email regarding the show, the Marketing Consigliere does miss some of the creative that he would usually find in his mailbox.

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