The Killer App’s Killer App

The Killer App’s Killer App

The Marketing Consigliere heard someone talking enthusiastically about EDS. I was puzzled why someone in a small startup would be abuzz over the company that Ross Perot put on the map.

Well, he was misinformed. Email Data Source, Inc., is a company with a great story that needs to be told. According to their website, they “collect, analyze, organize, and archive thousands of daily email marketing messages, providing our clients a never-before-seen view into the form and function of email messages sent and received worldwide.”

 Email Data Source, Inc.

Totally cool. They “get” net-centric marketing, and they link email delivery with business intelligence. EDS’ Email Analyst product allows Marketers to monitor their competition’s push offers, see which offers were the most effective in conversions, and uncover relevant and potentially valuable third party email lists. Additionally, Marketers may be able to accurately monitor their affiliate’s campaigns for branding policy violations or better yet, CAN-SPAM compliance issues.

This tool is part of the C4ISR Marketing world and should be looked at by every Marketer who wants to know why their competition seems to be succeeding. Since email is still considered the business “killer app” of the Internet, it makes sense to see what your competition is doing with email, and Email Analyst can hopefully give you some insight.

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