CMO – C-hief M-uttonhead O-fftheirrocker

CMO – C-hief M-uttonhead O-fftheirrocker

A recent survey conducted by Epsilon reports that 55% of marketing executives said they’re “not too interested” or “not interested at all” in including social networking into their marketing efforts.

Don’t they realize their children, whether in college, high school, or grade school are spending inordinate amount of time on social networks?  Don’t they know that an entire generation of their employee base has been IMing for years and is now Twittering?  Perhaps they’re in some “old economy” company where their clients, partners and competitors don’t do this.

No wonder why CMO tenure is less than two years – and they need to read the Marketing Consigliere’s recent blog entitled”4-Point Strategy: How Not to Get “Whacked.”

Before you know it, someone in their space will be leveraging social networking to the hilt and they’ll be scrambling to catch up.  I hope that their boards find more enlightened, energizing marketers for 2009 and beyond.  Leadership is key to transforming a business into a net-centric marketing organization.

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