Does Marketing Automation Help You “Love” Customers?

Does Marketing Automation Help You “Love” Customers?

Well, for those of you who never got a St. Valentine’s Day card this month, neither did we! So print out the one above and consider you our sweetheart and close you eyes and pretend we’re hugging you!

Today’s topic is an interesting one, although it should be about maintaining your editorial calendar because we’re obviously two weeks late on this one! But we digress…. the real topic is what we said at top – does Marketing Automation help you “love” customers?
Allinio thinks so; let us count the ways:

  1. It helps you communicate clearly and consistently, which is a form of love.
  2. It delays the siccing of rabid salespeople on an unwitting client before it’s necessary – if you ask us, that’s definitely love and compassion.
  3. It allows you to dynamically serve personalized content, so you can send Ashley a picture of a dozen roses and Peter a picture of a six-pack – That’s love.
  4. By working off triggers, it allows you to send content at the right time when the customer can use it – much unlike our negligent blogger who did not post this blog in time for Valentines Day. We don’t love him anymore but are glad that our Marketing Automation is configured to be dummy-proof.
  5. You can build landing pages and email templates without depending on grumpy IT personnel, so you can quickly run campaigns. Keeping grumpy IT personnel out from between you and your customers is definitely a sign of love.
  6. It allows you to pay attention to real prospects who have the proclivity to buy from you, so you can ignore the dud leads. Paying more attention to real prospects sounds a lot like love to us!
  7. By designing your processes around the personas you have created for your content strategy, you are catering to the persona – their pain points, their drivers, their validators, their essence. And if you’ve gone as far as to name your personas – Whoopie! That’s got everything to do with love.
  8. By automatically complying to their desire to unsubscribe, it shows your humbleness and devotion – a very high form of love.
  9. By being patient with a slow prospect who gradually goes down your sales funnel, you’re showing almost parent-like love.
  10. Let’s knock salespeople again – if some salesperson is to lazy to follow up on a Marketing Qualified Lead, then you can always gently place them back in your nurturing program – showing you love the customer more than the salesperson.

See, Marketing Automation helps you love your customers. And for the record, we do love our clients, with or without Marketing Automation, but we also love Marketing Automation! And we love our blog readers, regardless whether they are customers, so we promise not to be late again with any holiday related cutesy blogposts.

(But don’ t expect a blogpost entitled “Does Marketing Automation help you be Irish?” either. We’re not touching that one.)

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