Happy “Blogiversary”

Happy “Blogiversary”

My, my… A year ago The Marketing Consigliere had no idea what work and fun blogging would be. He has slowed down lately due to his work at a startup company in the SaaS space…

However, he will try to pick up the pace to bring you another year’s worth of the latest in marketing technology.

A lot has happened in the past year in what he will call the Net-Centric Marketing arena, and it’s clear that it’s an exciting place to be with plenty of exciting people, companies, and technologies.

Thanks to the people who have commented, cheered him on, argued with him, bookmarked him, linked him, blogrolled him, smiled at the title of the blog, given him scoops, and inspired him. This is a great time to be a marketer and he plans on bringing you more of his humble opinion on what’s going on in a wired marketing world.

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