Hitting on Web Analytics

Hitting on Web Analytics

The Marketing Consigliere has come across several start-up companies in his path that plan on depending on advertising for their revenue model. Having been in publishing, he tries to give them ideas how to make that work for them. But they definitely should look at publishers closer – many of them are struggling. While one may argue that much of that struggle is due to the inclusion of the need to run a print product also, he would reply, yes, but many publishers who have had their brand on the web for several years still don’t know what to do with all of their analytics. So startups, take heed..

Especially since he heard one entreprenuer talk about “hits” to a page. He has taken it for granted that marketers now refer to “unique visitors,” “page views,” and a score of more clinical phrases to describe online visitor behavior. In a net-centric marketing world, he encourages those on the entrepreneurship path to get a better understanding of the pivotal data which will influence content decisions and advertising sales decisions.

Where the Buys Are: Ads Live On Pages,” a timely blog in Metrics Insider by Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer of comScore, spells out the basics very well. But to go deeper and obtain a more comprehensive understanding of analytics for your company, an analytics consulting firm such as Semphonic should be engaged for an objective assessment of your firm’s needs.

The challenge of creating reports that allow executives, marketers, and content creators to appreciate critical analytic complexities and make sound decisions can be facilitated by a neutral third party such as Semphonic. Phil Kemelor, Semphonic’s Vice President of Strategic Consulting Services, also has a blog that should be reviewed on a routine basis.

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