How Can Marketing Automation Learn From DoD?

How Can Marketing Automation Learn From DoD?
US Navy


The efficient gathering, storing, analyzing, sharing, and acting upon data must be precise in the United States Navy; it is increasingly so within any enterprise, large or small,  that wants to survive 21st Century, globalized business.

This is the third in a series of excerpts from Allinio’s white paper Net-Centric Marketing & Information Superiority.

3. Applying C4ISR to Marketing

Commerce, of course, should not be considered as an activity with the same intensity and stakes as warfare, but nevertheless there is value in taking concepts from this most extreme form of conflict; and rightly so, because Net-Centric Marketing extends well beyond having broadband, a robust web analytics application and slick online campaigns.    Information superiority will matter more in the next phase of globalized business.

Additionally, tech-transfer efforts in the public sector and academia inevitably involve the migration of technologies that were once regarded as classified and intended solely for warfare applications into the private sector for peaceful, diverse commercial purposes.  Since many of the technologies inevitably trickle down in to the private sector for monetization, so should the underlying philosophy behind those technologies.

C4ISR or Net-Centric Marketing in-corporates many disparate platforms and links them in order to provide the Marketing professional with an accurate window into the marketing and sales environment in which his or her organization is operating.  Furthermore, it provides “Actionable Intelligence” for the Marketer by creating as complete a picture as possible of the real-time marketing environment and giving him or her the right choices on how to pro-act or react.  Instead of “Sensor to Shooter,” think “Sensor to Sales Channel.”  Ultimately, it gives an organization the information superiority it needs to outmaneuver its competition.

In the private sector, many of the components for Net-Centric Marketing are available in a Software as a Service (SaaS), or cloud computing model.  However, there certainly are many requirements for customization that should be recognized due to factors within particular verticals or markets; with time there will be solutions that cater to all but the most esoteric of enterprises.  Both “building or buying” Net-Centric capability at this particular point in time most likely demands a long consultative sale followed by a long and sometimes “painful” transformational effort that no doubt causes resistance or upheaval in the organization.

A Prototypical C4ISR Marketing Model

Figure 3. – A Prototypical C4ISR Marketing Model


Figure 3 expands upon Figure 1 and is adapted for the commercial enterprise.  The next few sections of this whitepaper explain the various functions within this C4ISR Marketing model and how ultimately the Marketing organization is given information for which it may act on different platforms.  Across the enterprise are the main customer touching entities: Sales, Marketing, and other Point of Contacts such as Customer Service.

This is the third in a series of excerpts from the Allinio’s white paper Net-Centric Marketing & Information SuperiorityClick here to read the previous excerpt onlineStay tuned to this blog for the next excerpt.

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