TAPping Into iPhone Apps

TAPping Into iPhone Apps

TapMetrics, Inc. is a “Northern-California/Washington DC-based start-up” that develops analytic dashboards allowing marketers to better understand what users are doing with their iPhone applications (other mobile platforms are slated for the product roadmap).

TAPping into iPhone Apps

The Marketing Consigliere met Christopher Brown, TapMetrics’ CEO at the recent TechCocktail DC event and was enthused to learn about this company.  A quick demo convinced him that TapMetrics is going in the right direction.

A simple Google search results in a plethora of companies trying to get their piece of the mobile analytics pie, from other start-ups to 800-pound gorillas like Omniture, who last year announced the extension of its SiteCatalyst tool to native iPhone applications.

So what does TapMetrics have going for it?

1.  Energetic management team (the Marketing Consigliere, having Coastie roots, has deep respect for and faith in his Navy brethren)

2.  Backing by Launchbox Digital;

3. Quick, smooth deployment;

4.  Excellent UI (User Interface) by Viget Labs, a solid web development firm;

5.  Integration of sales data in addition to behavioral data;

6. Clear, consice messaging (play the video);

7.  And last but not least, the app is free to check out.

Eventually the app will be available on the iPhone itself so you will be able to check out your app’s success from your own iPhone, but for now you will have to be happy with a desktop/laptop capability only.

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