The Enemy IS Uncertainty

The Enemy IS Uncertainty

As in the past, the Marketing Consigliere has emphasized the lessons learned from our great military that can be translated into the business world, most notably, the adoption of technologies and practices that allow for the efficient gathering, storing, analyzing, sharing and acting upon data.

Sometimes he refers to a defense trade publication that specifically covers such things C4ISR Journal, published by Army Times Publishing, where he proudly worked earlier in his career.  In the September issue, he saw a print ad for DRS Technologies that delighted him.

“The Enemy Is Uncertainty” is surely a good quote to remember and made for a great campaign theme.  By not having the right data in front of a warfighter, uncertainty occurs, which can be just as dangerous as having an adversary right in front of you.

Marketers need to remember that in the business arena, the adage holds true:  The enemy is uncertainty.

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