While Leads were Converting Last Week

While Leads were Converting Last Week

When an auditor assesses the internal controls of a service organization, they use SAS 70 standards as criteria.  Audits are important to client companies that use outsourcing services which impact their control of processes and data.  The type of report issued, a Type I report, states the auditor’s opinion on the accuracy of Eloqua’s description of   controls that are operating within their applications and the fitness of control design to accomplish the stated control objectives.

Eloqua also mentioned that their applications are hosted at MCI (now part of Verizon), a SAS 70 Type II facility- A Type II is similar to a Type I report, but also includes the auditor’s opinion on whether the specific controls were operating effectively during the review period.  The Marketing Consigliere performed a traceroute to verify this and smiled when he saw his ping go all the way to Ashburn, Virginia, into a datacenter which was once part of UUNet before the telecom consolidation and dot-com implosion.

Congrats to Eloqua for making this step toward maturity and management of their brand; and thank you for providing B2B companies with a higher level of datawarehousing and security.

The Marketing Consigliere has always thought highly of Eloqua but has one question for CEO Joe Payne:  Who was the auditor?

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