Will the Real Consigliere Please Stand Up…

Will the Real Consigliere Please Stand Up…

Ok, no marketing pontification with this blog post.  Just old fashioned fun.  For those of you that know the Marketing Consigliere, you know he recently sported a beard and the feedback has been positive.

The Marketing Consigliere is humbled that people would compare him with the likes of:

Interesting that these are all characters and creative people.  I wish I had a tenth of the talent of any of these individuals!

The original intent of the beard was to just do something different and keep Halloween costume options open.  By the new year it will probably be gone.  However, maybe the Marketing Consigliere should become an actor.  Is there going to be a Godfather IV?   And he can belt out a heartfelt If I Were a Rich Man…  ;)

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