ad:tech Rocks New York

ad:tech Rocks New York

The three floors of ad:tech at the New York Hilton were buzzing this week. Compared to last April’s event in San Francisco, it was an older crowd, and it definitely was a crowd. Advertising agencies, affiliates, SEO gurus and the like. Following my proven time management routine, I avoided the booths of any company whose message in the ad-tech program was “we are a leading web analytics firm.”

That way I could concentrate my limited time on companies that actually attempted to differentiate themselves.  The good news is that I found one – one that sounds like it meets my standards of net-centric marketing. Speaking with Glenn W. Houck, a co-founder of LeadQual, I was delighted to find a firm that is a great private sector, net-centric marketing version of the military’s “sensor to shooter” concept. And the concept is simple – once a website visitor has submitted contact information, LeadQual’s call center contacts the customer within 3 minutes of receiving the call, qualifies the call, and warm transfers qualified individuals to the sales team of the business whose website was visited. Glenn explained to me that each event is timestamped so you can see how quickly you’re getting qualified leads.LeadQual

Like in the battlespace, every second counts – especially for a business trying to make a sale to someone with the distractive power of the Internet. When you have a customer in your virtual showroom, you don’t want them walking out without speaking to a salesperson that can close a deal or at least set the stage for closing one.

While I have heard of pre-qual telemarketing services for years, I was convinced that Glenn’s evangelism of how sales cycles need to be compressed will help LeadQual drive sales for its customers. C4ISR Marketing keeps rocking too.

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