Holiday Carol: Talking In A Mobile Wonderland

Holiday Carol: Talking In A Mobile Wonderland

Creative Commons by Habi,


Sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.”

Email comes while you’re driving
Contract in, business thriving,
Up in your HumVee,
With Bluetooth hands-free,
Talking in a mobile wonderland.

Hear some tunes while you’re texting,
Crowdsource peeps, “What’s the next thing?”
You’ll download it hence,
For ninety-nine cents,
Talking in a mobile wonderland.

For the iPhone we can build a neat app,
To give augmented reality;
You’ll download coupons for
Where the sales are,
All this based on your locality!

On our cool product roadmap
We will dream of some new apps,
But don’t get annoyed,
We’ll write some for Droid,
Talking in a mobile wonderland.

Here at the end 2009 we saw the dominance of the iPhone being threatened by the Droid; that’s not what matters.  What really matters is that people are buying any model of smartphone and are using social media to say where they are, what they’re doing, who they’re with while rating some experience their having on Yelp. They’re taking still pictures and videos of what the are seeing.  They are playing games, listening to music and reviewing documents from the office.  Oh, and yes, they’re still talking.

What we will see in 2010 is more proliferation of smart phones and Marketers including them in the network centric realm – after all, there will be so many more points of data to collect given the elements of global positioning, collaboration, social media, e-commerce, and other behaviors that can determine what products or services that a particular user might need.  Stay tuned for more technological developments, things to monetize and controversies, all surrounding mobile.

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