LeadsCon, Day 1: Any Marketing Automation in There?

LeadsCon, Day 1: Any Marketing Automation in There?

Day 1

Yesterday, The Marketing Consigliere asked What will LeadsCon Offer Marketing Automaters? Over 1,000 filled the conference room for the initial sessions.  Jay Weintraub (@jayweintraub), an organizer of the event, kept a good tight schedule of some impressive panelists.  This was a different world for The Marketing Consigliere, who primarily advises in B2B Marketing world.  The event was focused towards the B2C marketing world, where a pay-per-click and CPM frame of mind tend to dominate.  Of interesting note:

Sean Cheyney (@scheyney), VP of Marketing & Business Development of AccuQuote, on the first panel titled “Old vs. New: Display Media Battle Royal,” basically said that CPMs don’t matter; what matters in advertising is ROI.  Cheaper CPMs that don’t perform are more expensive than higher priced CPMs that do.  Agreed.

During the second panel, “Don’t Call it Lead Gen – Brands and CPL,” Zephrin Lasker, CEO & Co-Founder of Pontiflexasked the audience who engaged in drip marketing.  Of the approximately 1,000+ attendees, only three hands were raised in answer to that question, and the others looked puzzled.  The Marketing Consigliere had to shake his head.  Clearly drip marketing has a place in the B2C campaign management world, but in the cut-throat arena of B2C lead generation, apparently even the most data-intensive firms are overlooking an excellent practice. Joe Caccavano, (@joecacc) VP of Emerging Technologies at Ferrara & Company, a consumer packaged goods agency, stated during a discussion of social media that an email opt-in was better than a “like.”

On a humorous note, by the “end of the day,” the phrase “at the end of the day” had been used by the 22 panelists and moderators on the seven panels for a total of eight times, or almost once per three speakers… and upon leaving the lively cocktail party hosted by Acxiom and All Web Leads, The Marketing Consigliere took a great 2-mile walk back to Grand Central Station during the beautiful late July evening.  No pizza was consumed yet.

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