Media Rules!

Media Rules!

The Marketing Consigliere recently attended a luncheon hosted by the DC Ad Club.  The two speakers, Brian Reich and Dan Solomon, were presenting their new book, [amazon ASIN=”B001BMMGJO”]Media Rules! – Mastering Today’s Technology to Connect With and Keep Your Audience[/amazon]. He bought the book, had the authors autograph inside the cover, and proceeded to read it. Here are his thoughts:

The byline “Mastering Today’s Technology…” raised his hopes but it is not the technical book he was expecting. However, it’s a good book and here’s why: In a world of fast-paced events and innovations making the press everyday, there are still technology-illiterate people in leadership positions in business. You can call them “Luddites,” “Technology Leave-Behinds” or something else that can crack a smile on any digerati, but the ugly truth is that there are more of them than most net-centric marketing professionals want to admit.

Therefore, many of these decision makers need hand holding, and Mssrs. Reich and Solomon have done just that.  The Marketing Consigliere doubts that the appropriate audience for this book is reading this blog, but those who do read this blog should buy the book and anonymously leave it on the desk of one of those Web 2.0-challenged bosses.

As for reading it yourself, you’re free to do so; but his caveat is that it does not to any extent truly cover Net-Centric marketing and all the wonderful things he likes to blog about like predictive analysis, site optimization, web analytics, EMM, MRM, and all the other tools that would actually help “Media” to “Rule.”

The most disappointing thing to him was that Chapter 17, “Be Measurable,” was only four pages long. Measuring is what marketing should be all about.  He read the chapter in no time and at the end it said, “With that, we invite you to log on to and read the remainder of this chapter and join us for a conversation about media rules!”

He went – there was no “remainder” of the chapter and nothing to join save for a .gif of the book cover linking to an email prompt to contact Dan Solomon. Dan, The Marketing Consigliere hopes you will quickly remedy this and create a site that allows you to gather, store, analyze, share, and act upon data that can grow your business and sell more books.

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