Mobi Las Vegas!

Mobi Las Vegas!
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Imagine checking into a Las Vegas casino like Mandalay BayNew York-New YorkMonte CarloThe Mirage, or Treasure Island and going to the pool before you indulge in a little blackjack.  Your cell phone rings and you’ve received a personalized targeted promotion regarding a special dinner deal in one of the hotel restaurants, or your favorite dealer is having an exclusive event for you and other special customers.

Thanks to Acxiom, an interactive marketing services leader, and Acuity Mobile, a Maryland-based mobile marketing content delivery solutions provider, guests at six MGM MIRAGE hotels are now able to opt-in to such mobile marketing programs.    Special offers, alerts, games, and contests can now be transmitted to customers who enjoy the Vegas lifestyle.

Acuity Mobile

Via a CRM tool, individual characteristics and preferences can be recorded, and the right content can be delivered on a one-to-one basis  with regard to time, context, and the individual’s interests.   And the response data from such communications can be used for future behavioral targeting.

This is a great advance in net-centric marketing for the gaming industry.  Eventually you may be able to plan your whole Vegas vacation on your cell phone, interacting with an automated concierge to arrange the exact accomodations you want, get discount tickets to an amazing show, and receive the information that you have determined is relevant to you.

Other verticals in the hospitality/entertainment industry that could use Acuity’s acumen?  Ski resorts, racing, and professional sports, to name a few.  Organizations in these verticals are already finding some sort of mobile marketing solution for communication to new and loyal customers, but tying back into a CRM tool for gathering data will be essential in the long run.

The Marketing Consigliere is not a wagering man although many of his “associates” have “investments” in various Las Vegas businesses.  He loves to go to Vegas just to take in all the sites, and has one question – unless your phone is on vibrate, how in the world will you be able to hear it ring above the beeping of the one-arm bandits when you’re in one of the casinos?


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