Ribbit – the Coolest App in the Pond

Ribbit – the Coolest App in the Pond

The past few weeks have been so hectic the Marketing Consigliere has let his blogging slip but he is still able to keep his personal goal of blogging about marketing and technology every month for an entire year .

His latest absence from the blogosphere is this: He is working with a turnaround management team at a VC-backed startup in the space that he has been blogging about, so he is extremely happy but busy.

OnDialog is in the SaaS space and offers Marketers the ability to create custom landing pages, microsites, and personalized URLs (PURLs) that increase probability of conversion and customer loyalty.

Integrated with Salesforce and SugarCRM, the OnDialog “LP” product is a tool for Net-Centric Marketing that should be in every Marketer’s toolkit, but perhaps the Marketing Consigliere is a bit biased.

He had the pleasure to travel to the west coast to go on sales calls with one of their reps. Since the company is a member of Salesforce.com’s AppExchange, he was totally psyched when he visited their Bay Area incubator. Being the Friday afternoon of the Memorial Day weekend, it was quite empty, but one stalwart soul was still working and all he can say is that the app is so cool he can see why.Ribbit – the Coolest App in the Pond

Greg Goldfarb of Ribbit demonstrated his baby – an AppExchange tool that takes phone call voice messages and routes them into Salesforce. These audio and voice-to-text files can then be assigned to contacts in the application

It is an extremely helpful tool that takes “offline” data and includes in a network centric marketing world. Greg, keep on building this great C4ISR Marketing app for Sales pros!

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