Marketing Automation – The Magic Behind the Curtain

Marketing Automation – The Magic Behind the Curtain

Sometimes we need to toot our horn – Yes, that’s an avatar of Allinio’s President, Joe Zuccaro (@joezuc) in a recent Marketo infographic about Marketing Automation.   Joe was approached by Marketo to contribute to this infographic and their latest publication, The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation.  So we had to ask him:  How did a nice guy like you get such notoriety?

Joe responded, “I’ve been a Marketer – as a minion and as a manager.  I’ve been in Sales – carrying a bag, a smiler and dialer, a channel manager, and I’ve managed salespeople.  So I’ve seen the revenue side of the enterprise from many angles.  And if there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s measurement and accountability.  When I saw Marketing Automation in its fledgling state, I knew this was the thing that businesses desperately needed.  And so I have made it my passion to share these important tools with businesses.  Marketing Automation can give businesses information superiority over their competitors if executed correctly.  Or it can be a large timesink and money pit.  It’s my passion that has guided me into speaking out about Marketing Automation and networking with some of the leading platform vendors and the best of the Marketing Automation experts.”

Marketers need help in making the transformation into a network centric, data-driven organization and I want to help as many as I can possibly help.  I’ve known the folks at Marketo for years – they are trailblazers in the Marketing Automation space and I’m humbled to be included in this content with such great Marketing Automation thought leaders as Carlos Hidalgo (@cahidalgo) and Mac MacIntosh (@B2B_Sales_Leads).  I guess my passion got me in the group.”

We also asked what he thought of the Wizard of Oz theme of the infographic.

With a grin, Joe chimed in, “What fun! That’s got to be one of the most endearing movies of all time, and thanks to Marketo I have a closer connection to it.  And I’m glad they portrayed me realistically, even with my Jimmy Durante schnozzola, and didn’t make me look like a Flying Monkey.”

OK, Joe, you’re still a barrel of monkeys (pun intended), but let our readers review the infographic and see it’s actually useful:


Marketing Automation – The Magic Behind the Curtain

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