Snap! B2B iPhone Apps! Part III

Snap! B2B iPhone Apps! Part III

In early February, The Marketing Consigliere posted a blog about iPhone apps for B2B organizations and then reported about more later that month. Since then a few more iPhone apps for B2B companies have debuted, and The Marketing Consigliere advises you to be aware of them.

WebEx AppWebEx, the leading web conferencing company bought a leading web analytics play, recently released their iPhone app, and The Marketing Consigliere is pleased that he follows web analytics thought leader Eric T. Peterson (@erictpeterson) because it was through following him that he learned of the announcement.  If your enterprise leverages Coremetrics, this app will give you the real-time visiblity into key performance metrics that you can zoom in on, analyze situations in your critical conversion paths and allow you to quickly take corrective action.

iContact appReleased just this week, iContact, an on-demand email service provider, freely gives an app that lets you add contacts, preview your drafted emails, schedule your messages, track bounces and click-through rate, and contact support through the application itself.  This is brand-spanking new, so there are not many downloads or reviews yet.  With the jury out on the utility of this app, The Marketing Consigliere has one question – he gets the logo on the app button, but what in the heck are those little “Ts” at the bottom?

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