Superbowl Ads and Branding – What’s Under the Hood?

Superbowl Ads and Branding – What’s Under the Hood?

Last year, Super Bowl XLI was interesting in that the Doritos commercial was made from user-generated content and this year for Super Bowl XLII they promoted their brand with user-generated music. Regarding advertising, there were the “usual suspects” who provided acceptable, entertaining commercials that were spoken about at the water cooler the following week; but from a social networking or technological view this Super Bowl was a bit of a dud. Not much else to talk about from a C4ISR Marketing perspective.

Marketers squandered an amazing opportunity to stress test their MRM, EMM, Campaign Management, and Web Analytics tools. With millions viewing, this would have been a great chance to gather business intelligence, conduct real-time site optimization with multivariate testing, bolster CRM data, do data mining, and raise B2B brand awareness.

Brand Identity Guru

You can read more of The Marketing Consigliere’s “humble opinion” at another great marketing site – he is fortunate that Scott White of the Brand Identity Guru Blog allowed him to be a guest blogger there.  Scott has a good irreverent style that rightly slaps brand management professionals marketers in the face, so The Marketing Consigliere hopes you’ll read more of that blog.

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