The 20-Year Road to Net-Centric Marketing, Part II

The 20-Year Road to Net-Centric Marketing, Part II

The 20-Year Road to Net-Centric Marketing brought amusement to many readers who remember the “gold rush” of the “dot-com” era.  And the Marketing Consigliere wants to make one more observation about those seemingly long ago days.

The One to One Future

In the early nineties there was an exciting book that created much buzz in the Marketing profession:  [amazon ASIN=”0385485662″]The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer At A Time[/amazon] by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D.

This book heralded and age where marketers would go beyond the age of mass marketing and could know on an individual basis all the details about a customer and tailor a product exactly for them.  In 1993? Extremely visionary.

Now 2009 can be a watershed year for “1to1″ marketing as pretold by Peppers and Rogers.  With more net-centric marketing tools available to both enterprise and SMB markets, the power of business intelligence, CRM, and data mining can spread prolifically.


The Marketing Consigliere is happy to see that they are still around and taking the lead.  An interesting event they are hosting in the near future is “Channeling Success: Optimize Your Cross-Channel Initiatives to Boost Marketing Effectiveness,” a webinar to run on Thursday, February 5th.  Neolane, a firm with a marketing automation platform, is the sponsor.  This should be a very worthwhile event so remember to brown-bag it that day.

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