You Don’t Have to Be a Genius to Know Marketing Automation

You Don’t Have to Be a Genius to Know Marketing Automation

Here’s what The Marketing Consigliere thinks about The Essential Marketing Automation Handbook which was written by Ardath Albee (@ardath421) in conjunction with Marketing Automation platform vendor

The other week [amazon ASIN=”0615361811″]Think Outside the Inbox[/amazon][amazon ASIN=”0615361811″]a book you can purchase[/amazon]was reviewed and this next review, a free ebook downloadable here is very timely.

Basically, The Marketing Consigliere recommends that you read both books, starting with Think Outside the Inbox, followed by The Essential Marketing Automation Handbook. “Think” is a comprehensive introduction to these concepts and should be read by anyone making a decision to purchase a CRM or Marketing Automation platform (which is most Marketers, since only a few early adopters are reaping the benefits of Marketing Automation at this time.)

If you have made a buying decision, or already have acquired a solution, you should still buy [amazon ASIN=”0615361811″]Think Outside the Inbox[/amazon] and download the ebook because it will succinctly yet thoroughly get you immersed in the concepts of Marketing Automation, although the techniques may differ from vendor to vendor.  Fundamentally, it will help you create an effective lead scoring scheme, understand how to develop the appropriate content for each phase your customers’ buying cycle, and how to optimize your results by applying trial and error to your lead nurturing.  Ardath Albee has indeed done a tremendous job explaining the “essentials” in this booklet (which also may be available in hardcopy format if you ever go to en event that is exhibiting at such as Cloudforce).

The B2B Marketing community is fortunate to have resources such as this ebook to turn to for learning more about demand generation, metrics & measurement, and transformation in this new world of Net-Centric Marketing.

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