The Wisdom of Marketing Operations Crowds

The Wisdom of Marketing Operations Crowds

James Surowiecki was onto something when he wrote The Wisdom of Crowds. But if large groups of people are “smarter than an elite few,” imagine what you could do with a large group of elites…

The Marketing professional who grasps the concept of C4ISR Marketing is one of those elites, albeit an under-appreciated, under-budgeted, and under-empowered elite. What else should he or she do then but find temporary sanctuary in the midst of fellow elitists? (OK, you Marketing egalitarians, Marketing “elitists” aren’t really better, they’re just earlier on the adoption curve.)

With that I salute Henry Stewart Events, who puts on conferences catering to those of us who don’t intend to be elite but find ourselves passionate about Digital Asset Management, Workflow Automation and Marketing Operations.

They’ve had speakers at past events from C4ISR Marketing players such as Unica and MarketingNPV and are catering to a niche that can do nothing but grow.

So all you EMM, MRM, CRM, DAM, MOM, et. al. and Net-Centric Marketing types, if you can make it to their LA event in November, do it.

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