Allinio LLC (pronounced uh-lin-ee-oh) is a marketing automation services company dedicated to helping firms align marketing & sales, automate lead mgmt processes, and grow revenue.  During the past few years, revolutionary developments in Marketing have emerged. The Internet has become the death knell for “traditional” Marketing, where those that subscribe to the “Art” of Marketing have used creative talent to establish a brand and push it to a mass audience.

Marketing, with its diverse set of workflows and nature, is the last department within an organization to make the leap into automation because it has been far easier to understand and justify the automation of operations of other departments such as Accounting and Human Resources. The ongoing revolution has shown that Marketing activity can be precisely measured, and because of that, any organization can now determine how best to market in order to maximize its return on revenue.

The “Art” of Marketing now needs to cede prominence to the “Science” of Marketing, where Marketing technologists can engineer and deploy the processes that are relevant, measurable, repeatable, and supportive of the efforts of your Sales team.

But this isn’t just speculation and wishful thinking – the imperative of Marketing Automation is here. Conversations about your brand are occurring online whether you participate in them or not, and all the Clio or Addy awards in the world will not make up for any lost opportunity of leveraging the vast amount of online data about your marketplace that could lead to more revenue for the firm.

Allinio LLC is a veteran-owned business based in Baltimore, Maryland and can bring you solutions anywhere you have a broadband connection.  We’ve been in the Marketing Automation space longer than most agencies and consultants and have seen your situation before.

Do you have Marketing Automation working on your behalf?  Let Allinio help you improve.