Non-Laborious Labor Day and Beyond Campaigns

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If you were smart, you’ve spent all summer preparing for fall campaigns.  You are even smarter if you’ve adopted Marketing Automation for your campaigns.  While you take a break this weekend, enjoy yourself, knowing that come Tuesday your campaigns can begin to kick in without too much worry.  While creating content is a lot of work, the Marketing Automation is making your professional life a lot better.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones above, GET MARKETING AUTOMATION NOW so you can be ready to start 2014 and get the data that will help your organization sell better.


That is all.  Enjoy!

6 Things Learned from 6 Years of Blogging


This should be fairly easy.  Six years of cranking out content.  Sometimes well thought out, sometimes by the seat of our pants.  Six years is a serious commitment and we’re proud that we’ve lasted this long at it.  If you’ve been blogging longer, we tip our hat.  If you’re considering blogging, get ready for the experience – it can be very rewarding as you earn recognition for your knowledge and perspective on whatever it is you want to blog about.

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Listorious Makes the DOA List


OK, sometimes we can be real stragglers when it comes to receiving news. but we didn’t know that Listorious, a great curation of Twitter lists, was gone.  We were surprised to type in Listorious’ URL and get transported to a completely different site called Muck Rack.  What happened?

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Salesforce Makes a Great Catch with Pardot


In October of 2012, email service provider ExactTarget announced the acquisition of Marketing Automation vendor Pardot for $95 Million.  Now, less than a year later, Salesforce annnounced the acquisition of ExactTarget for $2.5 Billion, outdoing Oracle‘s $871 Million acquisition of Marketing Automation vendor Eloqua, which had just IPO’d that August.  And let’s not forget Marketo, which recently IPO’d and as  of today has a market capitalization of $780+ Million.  What does this mean/what might happen next?

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The Search for Marketing Automation Professionals Heats Up



It was just last month we blogged about a company with a need for someone with Marketo skills.  Now we caught wind of a Washington, DC based company, HireStrategy, that has issued a blanket call for Marketing Automation professionals.  This add appeared in a local tech daily newsletter, Potomac TechWire and has been running for several days: [Read more…]

ReadyTalk Ad is Ready for Marketing Automation – Are You?


We are delighted to be a member of the American Marketing Association and receive the benefits of membership.  One of those benefits is a subscription to Marketing Insights, which has a tag line of “Driving Informed Decisions and Business Value Through Analtyics.”  Well, all we can say is Bravissimo!  What tickled our fancy this month was not an article, but an advertisement.
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DemandGen for DemandGen Professionals


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Almost a year ago we blogged about the lack of Marketing Automation skills, which fit into a broader category of Marketing Operations.  Since then we’ve been helping companies go through the painful but necessary transformation to become network-centric organizations that capture “data-driven revenue™.”  The main challenge is that we have not come far enough in getting people with the right skills in positions where they can make a positive impact on the top line. [Read more…]