Be Respective to CollectiveX

Be Respective to CollectiveX

The Marketing Consigliere was at a Social Matchbox event in downtown Washington, DC the other evening and happened to “re-meet” Clarence Wooten, CEO of CollectiveX, a very interesting company based in Columbia, Maryland, that provides groups with a social collaboration and networking platform.

While at first glance it may appear to be for volunteer, non-profit groups, and consumer-oriented organizations, this application can be used as a collaborative tool for businesses in an intranet form, including suppliers and partners.

The Marketing Consigliere, in light of his recent blog 4-Point Strategy: How Not to Get “Whacked” believes that a collaborative tool like this would be a smart move for the marketers at SMBs or even business units of large enterprises who need to work with freelancers, consultants, and vendors.  Since the basic version of CollectiveX is free, this could be a good way to improve productivity and share data very efficiently.

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