If the Tech Bubble Bursts Will Anyone Notice?

If the Tech Bubble Bursts Will Anyone Notice?

The Mortgage Industry. The Finance Industry. The Automotive Industry. What’s next?  Before the world focused on these stumbling leviathans, there was talk about another tech “bubble” and how it would pop.

Any collateral damage from a tech meltdown pales in comparison to the catastrophe in the “industrial age” sector.  Yes, the VCs have tightened up again and many entrepreneurs are stamping their feet because their companies are drifting to a full stop.  Already the rosters of deceased 2.0 companies are filling.

With just a few business days left in the year, network-centric marketers need to be ready for 2009. It will be full of uncertainties and more pain. For individuals, the Marketing Consigliere recommends you read a previous blog he wrote on avoiding or  preparing yourself for getting whacked.

The cultural momentum of accountable marketing derived from technology based tools will not fizzle but continues to accelerate.  Even in future good times, benefits of an network-centric marketing system will pay for itself.

It is the people in the companies creating these wonderful new marketing tools that will help establish the leadership for the way out of economic downturn.  There will be no shortage of ambitious people trying to improve or create something.  Yes, there will be a pile up of “dot.com” carcasses once again, but we are not going to mortgage, leverage, or drive ourselves out of this mess.

We need to move ahead no matter what.  Cooperation and mutual support will be key – not just in the United States, but between organizations on an international scale.  Communicating via social networking tools will help.

Or as an “business associate” of the Marketing Consigliere always likes to say, “Keep stepping up to the plate and swing!

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