Italian Bread vs. Marketing Automation

Italian Bread vs. Marketing Automation

The Marketing Consigliere was in New York this weekend after some business in Philadelphia; instead of spending time preparing for a normal blogpost on Marketing Automation, he had an obligation to find an Italian bakery and bring good bread back to his family in the Washington, DC area.

After living near the Nation’s Capital for over 40 years, it is still hard to find good bread there. New York remains the center of the Italian-American world (outside Italy, of course). Not bringing back bread after an excursion there can result in excommunication from the family, or worse. Therefore, Italian bread wins over blogging.

So as to distract you from becoming jealous and completely making your mouth water as he enjoys the crusty semolina bread he brought back from Zurro’s bakery in The Bronx, he wants you to see to ponder the following thought- Recently, The Marketing Consigliere tweeted:

Marketers, do your CEOs and Presidents have a *clue* as to what kinds of new tools are available to help you with your job and hence theirs?”

Just something to think about until next time, or for when his last morsel of bread is gone.

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