Monster Media’s Giant Sensor Sensation

Monster Media’s Giant Sensor Sensation

Sensor technology is paving the way for innovative advertising. Travelers passing through Houston, Orlando and Miami’ s main airports will now be able to activate ads simply by walking near a wall. On these walls are oversized ads that will roll, courtesy of JCDeacaux North America, the agency, Orbitz, the advertiser, and Monster Media, the technology provider of the “MonsterVision” advertising system. MonsterVision was unleashed earlier this year in Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. (I was in Vegas in June but unfortunately didn’t see it – I hope that’s not a bad omen!)

In high-traffic areas such as airports, malls, sports arenas, campuses, subway stations, and hospitals, a networked version of this system with touch screens could start yielding a king’s ransom of information for Marketers.



It will be interesting to see if the airport ads will eventually be more B2B oriented or B2C oriented. Given the novelty and entertainment value of the ads, there will probably be better creativity in them than in television commercials. One thing to remember is that, some travelers (maybe most) will naturally be in a hectic rush and won’t want to be slowed down, but those with time to kill before a flight might be the perfect captive audience.

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