SMBs and C4ISR Marketing

SMBs and C4ISR Marketing

The EMM and MRM vendors out there, who are a part of what is C4ISR Marketing, have been doing some great things and I will be blogging about several of them in the future. However, the perception is that the price points of their products are high due to the fact that they are time consuming, somewhat painful integrations that only the big boys can play with. Does that leave the SMB with no toys (er, tools)?

Well, I was absolutely tickled to see a great article in the July 31 Wall StreetJournal, Page B2, called “Searching for Clients From Above.” In the article, Kevin J. Delaney writes how “More Small Business People Use Aerial Mapping Services to Scout Potential Customers” and gives stories of how satellite imaging can help roofers, among other contractors, perform estimates without having to go to a job site.

It’s all done with the type of technology that until recently was only available to the governments and companies with deep pockets. With images stored in an application like Google Earth, anyone can see just about any other place on the planet. From the same desktop, a user can view a prospect’s buildings or other visible assets, calculate a job, and send it to that prospect.

Companies like Whitegold Solutions Inc. of San Rafael, California are providing C4ISR data with a service called precigeo to the SMB. Wonderful. Net-Centric Marketing for the Masses is coming. Some parts of it are here.Kudos to companies like Saber Roofing of Redwood City, California, for leveraging the power of C4ISR Marketing!

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