2009 Sacred Cows

2009 Sacred Cows

Recently The Marketing Consigliere asked a question in various LinkedIn discussion groups.  The question was, “What are the two most important marketing projects you have that you don’t want to be forced to cut in 2009?

The responses were quite interesting but two that succinctly rose above the noise were the following:

Diana Engelmeyer of ExactTarget emphasized the following of importance to her:

1. Behaviorally targeted banner advertising

2. Social Media efforts

and Meg Walker of Network Solutions prioritized these:

1. Digital marketing – specifically email marketing/mobile messaging

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another question is this – does your “must have in ’09″ have to be digital or are there basic offline marketing tools you’re afraid to lose?  Or do these pros nail it right on the head?

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