Attensity Gets Even More Intense with Biz360

Attensity Gets Even More Intense with Biz360

Attensity has announced its acquisition of Biz360 this week and this is an exciting development in the Net-Centric Marketing world.  The Marketing Consigliere recently interviewed Attensity’s CMO, Michelle de Haaff, and he loves to read about a good flex of muscle out there in the marketplace.  Biz360′s platform has been a prominent social media monitoring and market intelligence solution, so he believes that this is a good sign in the industry –

With Attensity’s strength in sifting through and analyzing unstructured data, the acquisition of Biz360 makes sense because of its niche competency in doing the same with social media; given their position in the market, Attensity has achieved first mover status for offering a full social CRM solution.

So who is next? Radian6HubSpot and Scout Labs are additional leaders in the field of social media analytics and potential candidates for acquisition.  Will they get gobbled up by an OmnitureCoremetrics or Opinion Labs?  The Marketing Consigliere anticipates accelerating consolidation in this space, and the battlelines being drawn.

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