B2B Content: Publish or Perish

B2B Content: Publish or Perish

We arrived early for this year’s Business Marketing Association International Conference in Chicago and took advantage of a pre-conference workshop entitled “Unleash Your Inner Publisher.”

Although we thought that we already did a pretty good job at blogging and tweeting and all the other things that customers read, we quickly realized that this workshop was a worthwhile investment. Paul Gillin, a thought leader in the B2B marketing world, led the 3-hour session and thoroughly explained the steps to start or improve your ability to communicate through digital assets.

The bottom line is that if you’re not on the Internet in as many appropriate formats as possible, there’s less chance you’ll be found by new customers. While you may already “know” this, Paul’s session was full of great little tips that are often overlooked when trying to accomplish the many tasks that an online marketing effort requires. He’s a very good speaker and knows his stuff. We’ve always enjoyed his columns in BtoB Magazine, and it was great to finally meet him in person.

So get into content marketing; publish or perish.

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