Cooper Pooped on RFID?

Cooper Pooped on RFID?

About a year and a half ago, Mini Cooper instituted an interesting promotional campaign using RFID technology.  Cooper owners were given RFID-enabled key fobs which interacted with special billboards in EZPass regions.   When the driver approached the billboard in his or her Mini, a talking car would appear, along with the person’s name who registered the key fob.

Cooper Pooped on RFID?So now the question must be asked, why isn’t there more marketing like this?  Did Mini Cooper not extract any value from this – did customers complain, did the car company not see any ROI besides publicity, was no other data gathered that could enhance demographic or behavioral targeting of messages?

Where is the promise of location based advertising – How far a leap is it from here?  Would Mini Cooper do this again?  It has to have more value than merely as a public relations stunt… Is there anyone else that is engaged in promotions utilizing RFID technology?

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