Green Friday and Monday

Green Friday and Monday

For the past couple days in the United States, some Internet activity was subdued because most businesses were closed and many people were preoccupied with the Thanksgiving holiday. The Marketing Consigliere says “some” because he meant the human traffic.

If you think about it, the non-human traffic and computing did not rest one bit. Spiders continued to scan sites for search engine rankings; the work of SEO/SEM specialists recognizes that site optimization is a constant battle and rankings still mattered. The news was talking about “Black Friday,” when most retailers finally get in the black for the year, and “Cyber Monday,” people who have been looking around in the “brick and mortars” get on the Internet to make their purchases.

He says that both those days should be labeled “Green” because the money will be rolling in to both venues – brick and mortar, and cyber. Not only that, the double entendre implies the fashionable “green,” which businesses are falling over each other to claim.

So which is a more patriotic form of holiday shopping – to go to the mall or Main Street and support your local franchises and merchants, or to mitigate our “addiction to oil” and perform all your holiday shopping online? He opts for the latter, because giving network centric marketers more information will help all in the long run – the data going into CRM tools and used for data mining will help marketers make better product and positioning decisions that can keep costs down. B2C could never be greener and C4ISR Marketers can foster this environmental way to live.

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