Holiday Carol: S-E-O, S-E-O, S-E-O!

Holiday Carol: S-E-O, S-E-O, S-E-O!

Sung to the tune of “Let It Snow.”

Oh, your email campaign was frightful,
And your sales department’s spiteful,
Because the leads you give them blow,
S-E-O, S-E-O, S-E-O!

And if your social media guru
Has done nothing more than screw you
Get your keywords all in a row,
S-E-O, S-E-O, S-E-O!

S-E-M costs you much too much
Though you can show the boss R-O-I
And your job really’s in a clutch
If you can’t get your page rank to rise!

For Google and Yahoo and Bing,
You have to tweak every tag and thing,
To get the click-thrus that’ll make you dough,
S-E-O, S-E-O, S-E-O!

Much has changed with respect to Search in 2009, but much remains the same.  Bing came along and confounded Google.  Wolfram Alpha came along and confounded everyone.  More SEO experts have popped up, only to be out -popped up by Social Media experts.

But the fact remains that SEO is an important skill for any Network Centric Marketer to utilize – whether it is his/her or someone else’s skill.  This is why on other occasions The Marketing Consigliere has said it is important for a Marketer to be a linguist.

While some of the software out there such as Hubspot‘s free Website Grader has value for revealing fundamental SEO issues in your website,  many of the other “solutions” out there not necessarily worth the money.  Ironically, when in conducting a search for SEO software, some of the vendors used for this blogpost’s illustration didn’t even come up on the first page of the Google results!

SEO and definitely SEM, no matter how systematically approached by software, still requires brain power.  And  your efforts should be occasionally augmented by a real SEO “expert,” but be careful about the SEO snake oil salespeople; always get referrals from other Marketers you trust.

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