It’s a C4ISR, C4ISR, C4ISR, C4ISR World

It’s a C4ISR, C4ISR, C4ISR, C4ISR World

Louise Story’s August 6th article in The New York Times, “It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World, started my week off with a bang.

Publicis Groupe, a leading multinational agency, will be farming out the creation of “thousands of versions of ads.” Not through an electronic sweatshop, but still an outsourced set of firms that will produce a rather high throughput of variation upon variation of ads that will probably even eventually be automated.

With proprietary algorithms, legacy consumer data, and probably a dose of multivariate testing, there will be an intelligence capability to serve ads optimized for a particular individual. Not just to a web page, but to a mobile device and someday a HDTV.

The beauty of this capability is that the ads can be customized to change messaging over time, depending on how far down the pipeline a customer may be calculated to be.

Later in the day, I was pleasantly surprised to see Publicis Groupe mentioned again – An announcement was made regarding the teaming of the Publicis Groupe and AdGooroo. AdGooroo will render Publicis Groupe with better search and user trending capabilities.

I am enthused to hear an agency taking the lead in going beyond EMM or MRM and creating a C4ISR Marketing culture. Many agencies are acting like a deer in headlights and won’t know what hit them.

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