Keep The Juice Flowing When You’re Offline

Keep The Juice Flowing When You’re Offline

Keep The Juice Flowing When You’re Offline

What helps make network centric marketing possible?  Energy.  So what about your remote sales force, your “road warriors?”  Even if they don’t need to be directly online for their task at hand, they still need energy for “old fashioned” offline computing.  So effectively we’re all electricity junkies, desperately looking to get a constant fix.

The Marketing Consigliere hates running out of juice on his smartphone and laptop, especially when he travels by air coast to coast or on an international basis.  Without power outlets on planes, sometimes he can only work for part of the trip.  And with less magazines or newspapers floating around the cabin, there’s less chance he can find the comforting diversion reading or doing a crossword puzzle or sudoku.  And with two carryons, he doesn’t want to bother with those extra battery packs – more clutter is not needed.


However, with Solio, he doesn’t consider this extra techtoy as “clutter” – at least his small gadgets (not laptops at this time) can be recharged enroute – all he has to do is unfold the charger and stick it to his window facing outward.  Very cool.  So don’t wait until Earth Day to take advantage of Ol’ Sol.

If you don’t have a car adapter, aren’t near an outlet, and just have to be productive, go Solio.  The top of the line Magnesium edition is under $200 and the “classic” version is under $100.  It’s nifty design will tell the world that you are not just “green,” you’re leading the way.

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