Moving Your Content Without Breaking Anything

Moving Your Content Without Breaking Anything

The Marketing Consigliere is happy to say that his blog was folded into the Allinio website – Allinio being a company that helps organizations plan, implement and execute marketing automation projects (run by The Marketing Consigliere, of course).  The blog content will not change; it will be yet another resource that Allinio has to offer its clients. (And from a branding perspective, how can you replace a good schtick like The Marketing Consigliere?)

The entire site was migrated to a new hosting provider in a professionally swift and systematic way.  It remains on the WordPress platform.  The last time he migrated, it was a bit of a headache in that some graphics and links were not appended correctly. This time, however, everything seemed to work, even though he was a bit of a pioneer and agreed to use the 3.0 beta of this great blogging tool.

Why was he willing to take a risk with a beta?  Because he knows the abilities of the company who helped him with the transition – Emmense Technologies, helmed by Aaron Brazell (@technosailor).  Aaron can be trusted because he wrote the WordPress Bible and knows WordPress better than the Marketing Consigliere knows good Italian Bread, which is saying a lot.

Thanks to Aaron & Emmense Technologies for doing a great job to specification, on time, and within budget!

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