Trust Trust Digital

Trust Trust Digital

Today’s earlier blog, “When Bad Things Happen to Good Data” takes into account major hardware disasters.  But what about all the little gadgets that are out there in the hands of field personnel?  Items like laptops, cellphones, smartphones and other devices can get destroyed, lost, or even stolen.  Stolen assets are what scare business leaders the most due to the sensitive nature of files that may be residing on them.

Trust Trust Digital

Well amid all the dreary economic news, there’s some good news in the VC arena – TrustDigital of McLean, Virginia, today announced a $14.5 million round from several venture capital firms.  Trust Digital is a leading provider of enterprise mobility management (not the EMM The Marketing Consigliere usually blogs about) software for business and government.  According to their website, “Trust Digital’s unique software-overlay methodology simplifies how IT administrators and help desk specialists implement policies, assist users and enforce compliance for mobile applications.”  This is shining news for entrepreneurship in the midst of mind-boggling bad news.

With a field sales and others out there, there are potential vulnerabilities to Enterprise applications such as CRM, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and “my” EMM – Enterprise Marketing Management – if one of these devices were to fall into the wrong hands.  Most companies would normally find control of these distributed devices almost impossible if it were not for solutions like Trust Digital’s.

So Net-Centric Marketers, remember that if you have a bunch of field reps with mobile access to your network, your data is risk.  Make sure you work with your IT department to mitigate that risk.


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